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Scalloping in Homosassa

Enjoy a scenic ride out the Homosassa River to the BEST scalloping grounds in the state.

Every year, from July 1st to September 25th, seafood lovers from all over the Sunshine State and beyond venture to Citrus County for these tasty morsels. Snorkel in crystal clear water usually waist or chest deep over pristine grass flats and bag your limit of these delicious shellfish.

Scalloping is part snorkeling experience, part treasure dive and part saltwater fishing experience that can be enjoyed by family members of all ages. Spend quality time with your family and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Some clients will book an entire day and spend the morning scalloping and the afternoon swimming in the crystal clear spring water at the beginning of the Homosassa River. Our new custom Young 24 has a smooth comfortable dry ride and can easily accommodate four to six divers.  Why not scallop from the nicest, sleekest, fastest, coolest, and classiest charter boat in all of Citrus County!  Our boat is equipped with a ladder for your convenience. All it takes is a snorkel, a mask and a mesh bag to get in on the action.

The bag limit is 2 gallons of whole scallops, (in the shell), or 1 pint of scallop meat per person per day. In addition, no more than 10 gallons of whole scallops or 1/2 gallon of scallop meat may be possessed aboard any vessel at any time.

Cleaning of scallops is available dockside. We supply license, coolers, ice and expert instructions, in and out of the water. What you'll need to bring is snorkel, mask, fins, drinks, food, and sun protection, (hat, t-shirt, lotion, sunglasses).

Homosassa scallop tours cost $450.00, for one to four people for a half day adventure and $75.00 for each additional person up to six people. We do two Scallop charters per day, the morning charter is from 7 to 11AM, and the afternoon charter is from Noon until 4PM. We highly recommend the morning charters for a few reasons, fewer boats so it's not as crowded and much safer, (especially weekends), it's not as hot and less chance of summertime thunderstorms. We have perfected the technique of catching Scallops in Homosassa, and over the last few seasons, we usually catch our limit of scallops within two hours! We have many clients that return year after year to enjoy what is best described as an "Underwater Easter Egg Hunt"!!

This is one of our busiest seasons of the year, so book your scallop charters early!!!

FYI: Multiple boats are available for large groups or parties!!!

Scalloping in News

The following article by Jimmy Jacobs appeared on

Chasing scallops at Chassahowitzka
Homosassa, Florida

"The best way to describe it is an underwater Easter egg hunt, Capt. 'Red Ed' Brennan explained. Snorkeling is the most practical way of harvesting scallops." - Jimmy Jacobs

With that introduction, the scalloping trip

out of McRae’s Resort in Homosassa, Florida began. Exiting the Homosassa River, the captain turned the boat south and headed for the grass flats off the mouth of the Chassahowitzka River.

Bay scallops are found along the Gulf Coast of the Florida peninsula from the Keys north to Pensacola Bay. However, the area open for harvesting these shellfish runs only from the Hernando-Pasco County border north to Mexico Beach. The legal season for collecting these mollusks ordinarily runs from July 1 to Sept. 24 annually. Each person is allowed two gallons of unshucked scallops per day.

Scallops can be found on grass flats in 3 to 8 feet of water. The scallops are roughly 2 to 3 inches in width.

Scalloping involves snorkeling over these areas and diving down to pick up the shellfish you spot laying on the bottom. The scallops often have their shells open, presenting a view of the cobalt blue eyes that line the edge. Thus, they can see you coming.

Dawdle too long in the effort to catch the prey and it can swim away by opening and closing its shell. The shellfish will scoot down to hide under the grass or into any stained water you created by disturbing the sand on the sea floor!

Gear needed is simple. A dive flag to display on the boat, mask, snorkel and fins, plus a mesh bag for holding your catch is all you need. Then it’s into the water to begin the search.

The scallops are a dirty green, brown or gray color on their top shell, but the bottom half that usually is on the sand is white. Occasionally you encounter an orange colored scallop as well. Those are the “trophy” catches.

The toughest part of scalloping is knowing which flats on which to concentrate. That’s when a guide like “Red Ed” is invaluable. Capt. Brennan has been plying the waters of the Nature Coast since 1981 and each year keeps a close watch on where the scallops are showing up. Contacting him at Red Ed’s Adventures is the first step to having a good day of scalloping.

Once you get your catch back to the dock, your guide or the dock master can arrange to have some of the local folks shuck the scallops That service usually runs about $5 per gallon and is well worth the cost. Also, many nearby restaurants will cook your catch to order.

The bottom line is scalloping is a great activity suitable for the entire family. And, it can pay off with a great meal at the end of the adventure.

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